Stage Wise Dimension Control : Die, Wax and Casting

Chemical Testing : Using Brucker-Quantron, Germany Make, Optical Emmision Spectromachine with Fe, Ni, Co and Cu base and 23 Channels including Nitrogen

Tensile Testing: UTM with Extensometer

Hardness Testing : Rockwell Hardness Tester

Radiography Testing

Liquid Penetrant Testing / Dye Penetrant Testing

Impact Testing

Micro Structure Checking

Inter Granular Corrosion Test as per Practice A, B, C, E & F


  • Welding Approval : WPS-PQR approval for Stainless Steel and Carbon Steel by TUV-Nord
  • Leakage/Hydro Testing Set up
  • Soluble Wax Core for complex geometry
  • Mold Flow Analysis Software will be in-house soon
  • Lloyds Marine Approval will be done soon